Silver Spring Planner Discusses ‘Lifechanging’ Jeopardy Run

Spoiler alert: If you are a fan of Jeopardy! and are not to up to date on the latest episodes, this story contains information about results of the most recent shows.


What is fulfilling a lifelong dream?

That is what Kevin Belle of Silver Spring did as a three-time champion on Jeopardy. However, his run came to an end in his fourth appearance during Wednesday night’s show. Belle, who won a combined $43,000, talked to MyMCMedia on Wednesday.

Belle was born in Massachusetts but moved to Frederick when he was in middle school. He went on to earn a degree in geography at the University of Maryland in 2007.

He currently is a project manager at Great American Rail-Trail, working to build a trail across the country for people to bike and walk. Prior to that, he was a transportation planner for the City of Rockville from 2013 to 2016.

He grew up watching Jeopardy and soon was able to beat his parents most nights. But it took him 15 years of trying out before he made it on screen. His run started April 28, where he played before host Ken Jennings, whom Belle called “kind of like a trivia Mount Rushmore god to me.”

There was a break in the show taping, and he didn’t return for two weeks. At that time, Mayim Bialik was the host. Belle confessed to being equally thrilled as he grew up watching her in the television show, Blossom.

Besides bicycling, Belle enjoys musical theater and performed and was a board member at a theater in Rockville. His tattoo around his calf features people playing fussball, a tribute to a friend who died.

He also is a Drag Queen, performing pub trivia under the name Whiskey Ginger, his favorite cocktail.

His message to anyone who dreams of being on Jeopardy is to keep taking the test and trying. Don’t wait around until you think you know everything, he advised.

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