Studio 501c3

Welcome to Studio 501c3, a program for and about Montgomery County’s nonprofit organizations. A 501 c 3 nonprofit distinction means the organization has been recognized by the IRS as being tax-exempt by virtue of its charitable programs. And donors to that organization can write off their contributions. A 501c3 is considered a charity that seeks to promote the public good in one form or another.

The hosts of Studio 501c3 are Kim Jones and Gabrielle Nash. Jones is the executive director of Nonprofit Village and her colleague Gabrielle Nash is the operations manager of the Village.

The Nonprofit Village is the D.C. regions only incubator and shared space for nonprofit organizations which helps nonprofits strengthen their effectiveness by providing education, consultants, and collaborative opportunities all within a shared space. Jones and Nash are very proud to partner with Montgomery Community Media to highlight some of the hardworking community committed organizations working for the greater good.

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