‘Very Different Feel In The Air’: Elrich Optimistic As General Assembly Session Begins

Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich said he is optimistic as the new Maryland General Assembly session begins. 

“It’s a very different feel in the air after eight years of having a Republican in the Governor’s House,” Elrich said during a media briefing Thursday. He said he had been in Annapolis over the last two days meeting with party leaders and General Assembly members. 

Governor-Elect Wes Moore and Lieutenant Governor-Elect Aruna Miller are set to be sworn in Wednesday, Jan. 18. 

“We’re looking forward to not having to fight uphill to accomplish our legislative priorities,” Elrich said. He said many Democrats around the state, including himself, share common goals raised by Moore during his campaign and now. 

“Those kind of commonalities, the fact that we’ve got in large measures a shared agenda, makes the conversations very different.”   

Elrich said Montgomery County will seek state assistance for critical projects, starting with the Bus Rapid Transit system and an institute for health computing in North Bethesda. He also mentioned new discussions in the State House about the environment.

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