Joftus wrote, “At Vike-A-Thon, students often encourage their peers to hook up with as many other students as possible. Some attendees chase after hookup milestones including “cycling,” in which a student hooks up with at least one person from each grade, as well as “pyramiding,” when a person hooks up with four freshmen, three sophomores, two juniors and a senior throughout the night. Hooking up happens on other dance floors. Cycling, though, is the phenomenon that defines Vike-A-Thon for students.”

In the article, she noted that all around the gym teenagers were coupling up or making out while others recorded the goings-on. She called for the end of Vike-A-Thon, saying it “represents a decade of disrespect, entitlement and the collective trauma that countless current and former students have from this dance.”

In Principal Dodd’s letter, he urged students who are aware of unsafe behavior to let school administrators know “so we can preserve the well-being of our students and school community.” He stressed that “student safety is our first priority.”