Drivers Cited in Car Meet-Up That Blocked Intersections in Downtown Silver Spring

Some drivers were cited Saturday night following a car meet-up that blocked intersections in Downtown Silver Spring, according to Montgomery County Police (MCPD).

Officers responded to a parking lot on Cherry Hill Road around 8:45 p.m. for the report of a car meet-up of more than 100 vehicles, according to Police Spokesperson Officer Carlos Cortes. Officers quickly dissipated the event, and the vehicles fled to Downtown Silver Spring. Officers then cleared the blocked intersections in that area, Cortes said, and cited some drivers for traffic-related offenses. After that, the drivers went to Prince George’s County. No one was arrested and no injuries have been reported.

“This lawlessness in Silver Spring has to stop,” County Council President Tom Hucker said during a virtual briefing Monday. He noted multiple shootings in recent weeks as well as the car meet-up. He said Fenton Street at Ellsworth Drive was shut down while cars were spinning Saturday.

Videos posted on social media showed cars blocking the intersection and spinning while people also filled the street. Hucker said he was disappointed no arrests were made after the incident. Residents and business owners have asked for a resumption of police visibility in Downtown Silver Spring for years, he said. There previously was a constant presence at the Fenton Street and Ellsworth Drive intersection and around Veterans Plaza, but it ended about two years ago, he said.

“We really would like to see more initiative coming from the County Executive and the [Police] Chief on this. There’s a feeling in the community, I can convey as the local councilmember, I hear all the time from residents, that the administration has abandoned Silver Spring. And we cannot allow that perception to be out there.”

Hucker called for more vigorous and coordinated law enforcement efforts to address serious crime and reckless driving. He also said an upcoming town hall to address Silver Spring crime is being planned.

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