26 Montgomery County Students Earn National Merit Scholarships

Graduation Caps thrown in sky photo

Graduation Caps thrown in sky photo26 Montgomery County students have earned college and university-sponsored National Merit Scholarships in the latest round of awards from the National Merit Scholarship Corporation.

Awardees are selected by each sponsoring college or university from a group of finalists in the 2021 National Merit Scholarship Program. The awards provide recipients between $500 to $2,000 annually for up to four years of undergraduate study at the institution financing the scholarship.

The winners, their intended career fields and the sponsoring university or college are:

Montgomery Blair High School

  • Svetlana Y. Semenova, bioinformatics, University of Maryland
  • Shoshana Braier, physics, University of Maryland
  • Joseph A. Zenick, public policy, University of Alabama
  • Lillian Zhou, biology, University of Maryland
  • Caroline A. Robison, engineering, Tufts University

Winston Churchill High School

  • Emily A. Tong, undecided, University of Chicago

Clarksburg High School

  • Divahar Sivanesan, computer science, University of Maryland

Richard Montgomery High School

  • Justin L. Posner, economics, University of Chicago
  • Timothy J. Chu, computer science, University of Maryland
  • Helen Gu, computer science, University of Maryland
  • Sarah Molot, undecided, University of Maryland
  • Sara R. Logsdon, mathematics, University of Georgia
  • Annika J. Meng, business, University of Maryland

Northwest High School

  • Felix Gu, computer science, University of Maryland

Poolesville High School

  • Kandasamy K. Chokkalingam, computer science, University of Maryland
  • Christopher Stallard, chemical engineering, University of Minnesota
  • Cole P. Johnson, computer science, University of Southern California

Seneca Valley High School

  • Ketki A. Shah, cell biology, University of Maryland

Wheaton High School

  • Alexander C. Rhoman, medicine, University of Maryland

Walt Whitman High School

  • Marc A. Blitz, music/entertainment, Tufts University
  • Benjamin M. Waldman, law, University of Chicago

Covenant Life School

  • Emily D. Parr, astrophysics, Wet Virginia University

Deerfield Academy (Deerfield, MA)

  • Aneesha Mishra (from Bethesda), economics, University of Chicago

Holton-Arms School

  • Irene Y. Qi, political science, University of Chicago

National Cathedral School (Washington, DC)

  • Lauren J. Ives (from Bethesda), neuroscience, Tufts University

Our Lady of Good Counsel

  • Alexandra Close, medicine, University of Maryland

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