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‘Fitness Inspo’: Adina Crawford Challenges Women Of Color To Get Moving

Adina Crawford Brooks Running

Adina Crawford is a local fitness luminary that inspires people in our community to get out and get moving. “I think it’s really important we uplift and encourage other women to move. I don’t care what race, age, type of runner you are” she wrote. Crawford is a fitness ambassador for many organizations including “Black Girls […]

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Running Against All Odds


I am overjoyed to talk about a featured athlete Ana. Ana started running with Black Girls Run back in 2012. Where she formed a sisterhood of friends and women who shared the same fitness journey and goals as she did. I am here to tell you first hand and witnessing her journey from the  beginning […]

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We Started from the Bottom and Now We are Here


As I mentioned in my previous blog the small segment of Upper Montgomery County there are some amazing fitness stories of amazing ladies keeping their fitness journey at the forefront. Black Girls Run has groups all over the United States with one of the largest amount of runners in the DMV area which consists of […]

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Suburban Women Hitting the Pavement in Montgomery County

Adina Crawford's running group 2 310x277

My name is Adina Crawford and my life was transformed about ten years ago when I discovered my fitness journey. Five years ago, you wouldn’t see many people of color running 5ks, 10ks—and I’m a triathoner—and you wouldn’t see them out there either. But more and more women of color are hitting the pavement, and […]

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Waiting for the Nationals to Start Humming

Tyler Moore

The Nationals have been like a small gasoline engine. You pull the cord to crank it and it sounds like it is about to catch, but it never quite does and all the vigorous cranking in the world cannot yield the steady hum of success. The pitching match-up favored Washington at Nationals Park yesterday. Gio […]

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A Glass Half Full

Steven Strasburg in the bullpen

Losing two home games against the Chicago Cubs is disheartening and after the excellent game Friday night it was as if a switch just flipped and the progress of the prior week vanished in the flash of a Strasburg meltdown. There wasn’t much to like on Saturday and Sunday unless you are a ticket rep […]

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The Strasburg and Harper Show, Just the Opening Act

photo Bryce Harper

Bryce Harper and Stephen Strasburg made a compelling case on Opening Day to be considered the two best talents ever to play Major League Baseball in Washington, DC. Facing a depleted Miami Marlins roster, Stephen Strasburg seemed to hardly work up a sweat as he breezed through seven innings on eighty pitches without allowing a run. […]

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Nationals Win Home Opener

Photo | Phil Fabrizio

UPDATED Nats win 2-0. ——————————————- Play ball! The Washington Nationals take on the Miami Marlins at Nationals field on April 1 for the home opener and the weather forecast looks great. If you are spending the day at the ballpark, send us a photo at The Nationals’ have posted their opening day 25-man roster […]

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Getting It Done in Florida

photo Anthony Rendon

Watching Anthony Rendon play third base for the Nationals last week in Kissimmee, Florida reminded me of so many past Spring Training games. Osceola Stadium, where the Astros train in March each year, is one of my favorite places to watch major league baseball. It is the closest ballpark to Viera, FL where the Washington […]

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Nationals First Playoff Win a Tilt-a-Whirl Ride

Ted Leavengood

In the post-season the highs are higher, the lows are lower. Like Tom Boswell said in his Sunday morning column, the playoffs are the “myocardial infarction games,” a tilt-a-whirl ride that seesaws the emotions up, down, and all around. True to form, when Jayson Werth came to bat in the first inning of the first […]

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