Black Bear Visits Silver Spring Backyard

Carol Lessans often watches wildlife out her Silver Spring window. Her backyard hosts wild turkeys, deer and lots of foxes. But what Lessans spied Tuesday morning — a black bear — took her by surprise.

The first thing she saw was “a big furry butt. It took up quite a bit of my eyesight!”

Lessans says “If you see where I live, it’s not that weird.” Lessans and her husband Ben tiptoed out to their screened-in porch to get the video. Despite the proximity of what some would consider a possible threat, Lessans never felt scared. “ I knew we could jostle it to go away.”

The only losers in this wildlife interlude will be the birds. Lessans says she will take the bird feeder down and advises her neighbors to do the same. She considers it a cautionary move.

Still, she adds, “If anyone gets joy out of this, yay!”

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