Bethesda’s Joe Feldmann Goes for Hat Trick on Jeopardy!

UPDATE  June 29, 9 a,m.

Joe Feldmann was in third place going into Final Jeopardy Tuesday night, but only $400 behind the leader. All three contestants incorrectly guessed the last question, and the Bethesda resident ended in second place, only $200 behind the winner. He ran the Never Won an Emmy category, answering all five questions correctly.


Joe Feldmann of Bethesda is going for three wins a row Tuesday after winning  Jeopardy! the previous two nights.

Feldmann, a director at Capital One Bank, correctly answered Final Jeopardy both times upping his winnings to a total of $45,000. You can watch Tuesday’s episode on ABC7 to see if he continues his winning ways.

The University of Maryland graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in economics was ahead going into Final Jeopardy both nights.

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