Board of Elections Reminding Residents About Importance of Voter Registration

With the 2020 presidential general election approaching on November 3, residents are reminded about the importance of voter registration and the role it plays in the entire voting process. 

Montgomery County Board of Elections Public Information Officer, Dr. Gilberto Zelaya, says it’s critical that residents are not only registered to vote but that their registration record is up-to-date with current information. This will ensure that residents get their ballot to the correct address if the upcoming election is “vote-by-mail.” 

Within the next couple of weeks, Governor Larry Hogan is expected to announce what the upcoming election will be like in November amid COVID-19 concerns. Regardless of his decision, residents must still be registered to vote.

Dr. Zelaya further explains why voter registration is critical and how to make sure residents are prepared on election day in the video below:

The Montgomery County Board of Elections is looking for election judges and volunteers. Although Governor Hogan has not set parameters for the November election, volunteers are needed for election day. Click here for more information. 

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