Changes Planned for MCPS Cell Phone Use Policy

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The impact of cell phones has pushed Montgomery County Public Schools Superintendent Jack Smith to consider changing the policies and regulations regarding the use of personal mobile devices by the end of the year 

The prevalence and inconvenient usage of mobile devices in schools has prompted administrators to enforce stronger policies to manage the use of cell phones during the school day. Smith stated that teachers, principals, and school staff have struggled to keep their students engaged.  

The current regulations require all personal mobile devices to be turned off and stored until the end of the school day. Students may use their cell phone for educational purpose only if instructed by a teacher.  

The absence of mobile devices will allow teachers to create a better environment with fewer distractions for their students 

Montgomery County school regulations haven’t been updated since June 2017.  

MCPS regulations for personal mobile devices states, “Students may possess personal mobile devices on MCPS property and at MCPS-sponsored activities; but may not turn them on until the end of the school day for independent use.”  

Policies list the following consequences for students caught with cell phones: disciplinary regulations, confiscation of mobile device and suspension of computer privileges. 

For security reasons, students are allowed to use their devices during an emergency 

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