Chesapeake Bay Foundation Urges Delegates to Pass Forest Protection Bill

Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF) is calling on the House of Delegates to pass a bill that would strengthen forest protections after passing unanimously in the Senate.

The Forest Preservation and Retention bill would preserve forested land by raising the replanting requirements for developers. According to the CBF, the bill provides local jurisdictions with more flexibility as they work to achieve their goal of no net loss of forested land.

CBF’s Maryland Staff Attorney Matt Stegman says passing this bill would help update Maryland’s forest protections for 21st century needs.

“The Senate environment committee worked diligently to pass amendments that address concerns about potential impacts to affordable housing and smart growth,” Stegman said in a press release. “The updated bill will ensure cities and towns can grow in a way that protects forests. Trees provide clean water and are among our best defenses against climate change. Protecting the forests we still have should be among the state’s highest priorities.”

Maryland has been losing forested land to construction for decades. Reaching the state’s no net loss of forested land goal would be a turning point, according to the CBF.

Increasing forested land would improve water quality and ease the effects of climate change. Trees can help filter water and remove air pollutants. Additionally, trees can help shrink urban heat islands.

“We’re now asking House lawmakers to approve this bill before the end of the General Assembly session,” Stegman said in a press release. “Doing so will ensure Maryland’s forest protections align with 21st century needs.”

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