City of Rockville Election Candidates Participate in Debate Forum

Candidates in the 2019 City of Rockville election participated in a debate during a forum on Wednesday.

There are two mayoral candidates, Bridget Donnell Newton, and Virginia D. Onley.

In addition to that there are 13 candidates for Rockville City Council.

  • Monique Ashton
  • Cynthia Cotte Griffiths
  • Beryl L. Feinberg
  • Richard Gottfried
  • James Hedrick
  • Kuan Lee
  • Charles Littlefield
  • Donald A. Masters
  • Brigitta Mullican
  • David Myles
  • Mathew Perkins
  • Mark Pierzchala
  • Suzan Pitman

During the debate hosted by the Rockville Chamber of Commerce, candidates discussed their main concerns and possible goals. Some of the main topics included education, housing affordability and parking at the Rockville Town Center.

This was one of three forums that offer the Rockville community a chance to hear from the candidates.

More details coming soon.

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