County Continues Streak of Days With Sub-3% Positivity Rate

Montgomery County COVID-19 Statistics for March 1

Since Friday, Feb. 26, the Maryland Department of Health has reported 356 new cases of COVID-19 in Montgomery County — 127 Saturday, 110 Sunday and 119 Monday. The county’s cumulative case count is 63,395.

Montgomery County recorded four new coronavirus-related fatalities since Friday, Feb. 26 — two Saturday, two Sunday and zero Mondaybringing the death toll to 1,367.

The county has a rolling seven-day average of 2.83% for positive COVID-19 tests, which is a slight increase of 0.01 from Sunday’s average rate of 2.82%. The county’s positivity rate is lower than in 18 of Maryland’s 24 jurisdictions. The last date the positivity rate was lower than 2.82% was Oct. 26’s rate of 2.75%. This is the sixth straight day the positivity rate remains below 3%.

Montgomery County leads the state in total COVID-19 related fatalities but not in total cases. Prince George’s County has 1,300 fatalities and the most coronavirus cases in the state with 73,413 cases.

Somerset County has the highest per capita cases with 93.3 cases per 1,000 residents. Allegany County in the western region of the state has the second-highest cases per capita at 91 cases per 1,000 residents.

Maryland COVID-19 Statistics for March 1

Since Friday, Feb. 26, the state recorded 2,266 new infections — 836 Saturday, 827 Sunday, and 603 Monday. The state’s cumulative case count is 382,702.

On Monday, the state reported 904 patients were hospitalized across the state with the virus. COVID-19 related hospitalizations continue to drop.

Maryland recorded 41 new coronavirus-related fatalities since Friday, Feb. 26 — 18 Saturday, 13 Sunday and 10 Monday bringing the death toll to 7,697.

The state reported a rolling seven-day average of 3.52% for positive COVID-19 tests Monday. This is an increase of 0.06 from Sunday’s rate of 3.46%. This is the eighth straight day the rate remained below 4%.

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