County Issues Hypothermia Alert Friday

Montgomery County issued a Hypothermia Alert Friday morning after it snowed overnight.

The county issues the alert when the temperature and/or wind chill is forecasted to go below 32 degrees Fahrenheit creating a potentially hazardous situation where frostbite or hypothermia is more likely to occur. During this weather, there is particular concern for children, seniors, homeless individuals and animals.

The warning signs for hypothermia are:

  • Shivering, exhaustion
  • Confusion, fumbling hands
  • Memory loss, slurred speech
  • Drowsiness
  • For infants – bright red, cold skin, very low energy

If residents notice any signs in someone, they should check their temperature. If their temperature is below 95 degrees, it is considered an emergency and residents should immediately get medical attention. If someone is unconscious and does not feel like they have a pulse or is not breathing, the county says to call 911.

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