County Reaches Milestone of Recycling 200,000 Pounds of Food Scraps

The Montgomery County Commercial Food Scraps Recycling Partnership Program recently hit a milestone of recycling more than 200,000 pounds of food waste.

“Think about it; 200,000 pounds of food scraps that would have gone in the trash was instead converted to compost and is serving a new purpose,” said Montgomery County Dept. of Environmental Protection Director Adam Ortiz.

Increasing recycling of food scraps from the commercial sector is an essential part of the county’s ‘zero waste goals’. The program, which started last year, is in its first phase, and it operates out of the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection. Officials say it has been successful mostly due to the participation of commercial partners.

MyMCM spoke with DEP officials and one of the 12 commercial partners to learn how the program helps the environment.


According to DEP officials, the collected food scraps are transported to the Prince George’s County Western Branch Organics Composting Facility. At that facility, the food scraps are mixed with yard trim materials and processed and marketed as a commercial product called “Leafgro Gold.”

Officials say more partners are welcome to join the Commercial Food Scraps Recycling Program. The program will also be extending to curbside service in the future.

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