County Schools’ Budget Could Get Big Boost from the State

The Blueprint for Maryland’s Future could add $3.8 billion dollars to local school systems budgets every year for the next 10 years.

All local school systems, including Montgomery County, submitted their plans for reform to the Accountability and Implementation Board earlier this year. Reports will be evaluated over the next several weeks to determine if they meet expected standards.

The process included answering 150 questions meant to assess the reforms needed. Over the next school year, the Blueprint aims to focus on five goals: improved early childhood education, retention of high quality and diverse teachers, college and technical career preparation, more resources for students in need and governance and accountability.

Montgomery County’s submission to the Blueprint Commission included concerns about hiring trends:

“The challenges associated with recruiting teachers in these areas are decreased enrollment in schools of education; increase in teachers’ retirements or separation to pursue other opportunities; increase in demand for teachers, nationally; and an increase in compensation and incentives, nationally. These factors have created a teacher shortage and a teacher’s market where teachers across all areas of certifications have many opportunities to pursue a career in education closer to their desired area.”

All 24 of Maryland school systems cited the need for help to recruit, hire and retain teachers of special education at every grade level, the lack of certified applicants and the low numbers of college graduates pursuing a career in education.

If the Accountability Board does not approve a county’s plan, it can recommend withholding 25% of funding until requirements are met.


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