County Working With Community Health Clinics to Offer Covid Test-To-Treat 

Montgomery County is working with community health clinics within the Montgomery Cares network to identify locations that can offer a COVID-19 test-to-treat program.

“It’s already been confirmed that a number of them will do screenings and write prescriptions for their clients, but if they’re interested we want to make sure that they also have those therapeutics on-hand so that it can be a one-stop visit,” said Sean O’Donnell, Public Health Emergency Preparedness Manager with County Health and Human Services, during a media briefing Wednesday.

The county is working with those clinics to try to get them access to Paxlovid and potentially other therapeutics. 

In March, President Joe Biden’s administration launched a nationwide Test-to-Treat initiative to allow quick access to COVID-19 treatment by offering testing, treatment prescriptions and prescription-filling at one location.

O’Donnell said at least a dozen pharmacies in the county offer test-to-treat. Find a location here.

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