Montgomery County COVID-19 Cases Pass 6,300; Maryland Cases Top 30,000

Montgomery County COVID-19 Statistics

As of Friday morning, the Maryland Department of Health reports 6,316 cases of COVID-19 in Montgomery County, which is an increase of 284 cases from the 6,032 reported Thursday.

The health department reports that 324 county residents have died form COVID-19 in Montgomery County. This is an increase of nine deaths since Thursday. The number of probable deaths is 31.

There are 1,512 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in residents and staff of senior living facilities and 217 deaths in the county.

Maryland COVID-19 Statistics

As of Friday morning, there were 30,485  confirmed cases throughout the state. That is an increase of 1,111 cases in the last 24 hours. There were 1,453 deaths, an increase of 52.

In Maryland, 5,811 people have been hospitalized since the outbreak of COVID-19. On Friday, 1,674 Marylanders are currently hospitalized with COVID-19, which is nine fewer than Thursday. Of the currently hospitalized patients, 571 are in an Intensive Care Unit.

A total of 10,165 cases and 595 deaths involve the state’s African American community. That is 28 additional deaths since Thursday.

There have been 6,218 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 803 deaths in nursing homes and assisted living facilities throughout the state. This number includes residents and staff.

Here are the statewide statistics as of Friday. The first column is for the number of cases. The next column is the number of deaths, which is in parentheses.

0-9 486
10-19 969
20-29 3,848 (10)
30-39 5,376 (17)
40-49 5,468 (35)
50-59 5,311 (90)
60-69 3,972 (220)
70-79 2,666 (356)
80+ 2,389 (635)
Data not available (90)

Female 16,038 (706)
Male 14,447 (747)

African-American (NH) 10,165 (595)
Asian (NH) 631 (48)
White (NH) 6,695 (598)
Hispanic 6,067 (101)
Other (NH) 1,107 (17)
Data not available 5,820 (94)

Correction: The number of new Maryland Covid-19 cases since Thursday is 1,111 not 751 as originally written. The text and chart have been corrected.

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2 Responses to “Montgomery County COVID-19 Cases Pass 6,300; Maryland Cases Top 30,000”

  1. Avatar
    On May 8, 2020 at 11:23 am responded with... #

    The Maryland and Montgomery County COVID-19 sites have the Maryland total for yesterday (5/7) as 29,374. You show it as 29,734. Who’s right?

    • Avatar
      On May 8, 2020 at 11:54 am responded with... #

      Thank you for your comment. The post has been updated to reflect the Maryland total for Thursday, May 7 as 29,374.

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