Gov. Hogan, on National TV, Calls for More Vaccines For Maryland

Gov. Larry Hogan spoke about the coronovirus and the COVID-19 vaccine and during his appearance early Thursday morning on Good Morning America.

“Sadly, the darkest days are just ahead,” he told George Stephanopoulos, the show’s host. “The worst part of this virus is still to come,” he said, adding, “The good news is the calvary is on the way.” He was referring to the vaccine, of which Maryland is expected to receive 155,000 soon and possibly a similar allotment by the end of this month.

“It’s not enough to cover even our front line health care workers. You know, we have about 300,000 of those,” he told the national television audience. “Hopefully, it’s going to be ramped up.”

The vaccine will be administered first to front line health care providers, followed by residents and staff in nursing homes and then first responders, Hogan said, adding that at least 70% of the country needs to be vaccinated to curb the pandemic.

Along with other governors, Hogan said he spoke virtually with President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris, calling it a “good meeting.”

Hogan added, “We are in the middle of the worst battle of this war, and the handoff has got to be smooth. We’ve got to work together. There’s got to be no politics in this virus.”

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