Hogan, County Council Issue Statements Condemning Anti-Semitic Attacks

Gov. Larry Hogan, Montgomery County Council President Tom Hucker. Photo of Hogan via Office of the Governor’s Flickr.

Gov. Larry Hogan addressed and condemned anti-Semitism in a statement Wednesday, as attacks on Jewish people have escalated nationwide.

“The rise in anti-Semitic activity and attacks across our nation cuts at the very heart of our values as Americans and as human beings,” Hogan said. “The right of each and every one of us to practice our faith freely is a founding pillar of our democracy — our schools, houses of worship, and businesses should never be places of fear.”

“Together we must stand firm in our conviction that hate, racism, and bigotry of any kind, against anyone, has no place in our society.” The attacks occur in the wake of conflict between Israel and Hamas, although there is currently a ceasefire to the violence. Last week, Maryland’s federal representatives called for a ceasefire/de-escalation.

Hogan encouraged hate crime victims and witnesses to report it to the state’s Hate Crimes Hotline at 1-866-481-8361.

The Montgomery County Council issued a statement Tuesday condemning anti-Semitism.

“Today we use our collective voice to condemn all acts of hate and ethnic or religious bigotry aimed at our Jewish residents,” councilmembers said.

“All Montgomery County residents, including members of our Jewish community, have the right to practice their religion and live their lives free from fear. Any form of anti-Semitism, religious persecution or intolerance is abhorrent and diametrically opposed to the values of Montgomery County.”

“The Council is steadfast in our commitment to maintain a safe and inclusive community for all residents, and we encourage our residents to speak out against hate.” Councilmembers encourage residents who are the victim or witness of a hate crime or bias incident to contact the police.

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