Moore Declared Winner in Democratic Primary for Governor; Perez Concedes

Takoma Park native Wes Moore has been projected as the winner in the Democratic Gubernatorial Primary on Saturday. Moore and his running mate Aruna Miller garnered 33.60% of the votes counted so far. Tom Perez has conceded. He and his running mate Shannon Sneed have 28.65% of the vote.

Moore and Miller will face Republican candidate Dan Cox — who was endorsed by Donald Trump  — and his running mate Gordana Schifanelli in the November election.

Perez and Sneed have more than 9,00o more mail-in and provisional votes than Moore and Miller but the deficit in early voting and Election Day votes was too much to overcome.

Name                                                  Party             Early Voting    Election Day      Mail-In Ballot/Provisional            Total               Percentage

Wes Moore and Aruna Miller     Democratic         43,932             95,850                               40,606                            180,388             33.60%
Tom Perez and Shannon Sneed  Democratic        30,716              73,338                               49,774                             153,828              28.65%


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