‘Just Show That You Care a Little Bit’: Protesters Upset After Officers Don’t Listen In

Black Lives Matter protesters gathered by the Montgomery County Police Department (MCPD) 1st District station in Gaithersburg on Wednesday.

A few protesters said they asked officers who were congregated by the main building to join and listen in on what was being said. Eventually, a few came and stood nearby.

“I’d rather have them in the mix with all these people, like asking questions, trying to learn more,” said Tristan Dye, a rising senior at Stevenson University.

“We understand why we’re out here. We’re trying to help the cops understand why we’re out here.”

“Just come here, see what’s going on,” said Alfred Wasikye, a rising junior at Pennsylvania State University. He said he was hurt because he felt the officers did not see that black people are hurting, and because they did not join the protest after he asked.

“Just show that you care a little bit.”

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