Legislation Introduced to Create Racial Equity and Social Justice Policy for County

Legislation to create a Racial Equity and Social Justice Policy for Montgomery County was introduced by County Council President Nancy Navarro on Tuesday.

Several local leaders, social justice advocates and community members joined in support.

Bill 27-19, the Racial Equity and Social Justice Act, is geared towards reinforcing the county governments’ commitment to being a welcoming community where all residents are treated with respect and dignity and provided with opportunities to succeed. This new Bill has also been cosponsored by the full Council.

To contribute to this initiative, throughout the year, community members have been encouraged to participate in formalized dialogue to determine how county government can better meet their needs.

This Bill is expected to establish many things including a Racial Equity and Social Justice Program that will be implemented across county government by a new office in the executive branch. A County-wide racial equity and social justice action plan will also be required to be adopted by the Executive. In addition to that, each county department and office must develop a racial equity and social justice action plan. The Racial Equity and Social Justice Program will all be monitored by the Council and the Executive.

There will be a public hearing regarding this later this month. Officials say the goal is to adopt Bill 27-19 right before Thanksgiving break.

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One Response to “Legislation Introduced to Create Racial Equity and Social Justice Policy for County”

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    On September 23, 2019 at 3:12 pm responded with... #

    Buried on page 12 of the Racial Equity Legislation is a direct effort to downgrade the county’s duties with respect to assessments of Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GGE). In the bill, the county surreptitiously changes its positive duty toward action on GGE from “MUST ASSESS” GGE and the carbon footprint to a much easier “MUST CONSIDER” standard. This issue has nothing to do with Racial Equity but was placed deep in the document to hide the Council’s bias in favor of developers, who would benefit from less oversight and lower standards.
    If the proposed GGE assessment changes to a lower standard (as part of the Racial Equity legislation, referenced above), then the environment in Montgomery County is at risk. This county needs a HIGHER GGE assessment standard.
    We need to demand that the county RAISE THE STANDARD for GGE assessments by commenting on the proposed Racial Equity legislation which will face a public hearing this October. Urge the MoCo Council to raise, not lower, the standards for our environment by contacting them at county.council@montgomerycountymd.gov.

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