Local Parks to Host Popular ‘Paint With Your Pup’ Events

Cabin John Regional Park and Dewey Local Park will each host “Paint with your Pup” events in August.

During the events, dogs and their owners will work together to create a unique piece of art. Each pet parent will receive a small canvas, paint, brushes, a gallon-size plastic bag and sunflower butter for their dog.

Pet owners will scoop their paint color of choice onto the canvas and spread the sunflower butter onto the outside of the plastic bag. Once the canvas is inside the bag, the dogs will be able to spread the paint around on the canvas while they lick the sunflower butter off of the bag.

The first event takes place Saturday, August 14 at 7400 Tuckerman Lane in Bethesda. The second is on Saturday, August 21 at 11720 Dewey Road in Silver Spring. Both days feature two 45-minute sessions starting at 6:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

Owners can sign-up at ActiveMONTGOMERY for $8.00. The ticket is good for one dog and one human, along with up to two other friends or family who would like to join you and your canine.

Advanced registration is required as spots for “Paint with your Pup” are limited.

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