Maryland Severs Ties with Russian Sister State

Maryland has officially cut ties with Russian sister state Leningrad Oblast, according to Gov. Larry Hogan (R), who appeared on CNN to discuss the ongoing situation in Ukraine.

“I’m sure it doesn’t do much to them, but it’s a symbol that the people of Maryland are united with the people of America and the world, standing up against Russia and standing with the people of Ukraine,” Hogan said.

Former Governor William Schaefer (D) first established the sister state relationship with Leningrad Oblast in 1993.

Hogan sent a letter to the Leningrad Oblast governor, Aleksandr Drozdenko, on Feb. 28, stating, “the duty of every government to remain vigilant of unlawful acts against public order, democratic principles and innocent civilians.”

The governor also announced Maryland has cut off any economic relationship with Russia, a largely symbolic gesture.

“They are kind of symbolic measures we’re taking, but we think it’s important to send a message to Russia every way that we can,” Hogan said.

On the morning of Feb. 28, Hogan visited a Ukrainian Catholic church in Baltimore to stand in solidarity. “I was hugging people, there were a lot of tears,” Hogan said. “People are concerned about their loves ones who are in Ukraine.”

Hogan went on to describe how moving the experience was. “It was just an incredible experience to let them know that all the people of our state were standing strong with them and to tell them how proud we were of the Ukrainian people, President Zelensky, and all the bravery that they’re showing.”

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