MCPL Announces Virtual ‘Energy Express’ Story Events for Elementary Age Youth

Montgomery County Public Libraries (MCPL) will be hosting virtual energy-themed summer writing events for elementary age children, spanning Tuesdays and Thursdays in July. In partnership with My Green Montgomery, these events will showcase the ways energy play an important part in every person’s life, while also presenting stories to explain energy usage to children.

“Montgomery Energy Connection will be providing a hands-on interactive presentation to participants with the theme of ‘Imagine an Energy Story.’ Energy is a part of our lives and this presentation will allow kids (and adults) to learn more about the stories that connect them to their energy usage,” said the synopsis from MCPL’s event page.

Each “Energy Express” event limits registration to 30 spaces. Visit the MPCL website and choose from the multitude of dates and times available before spaces run out.

The Energy Express page on My Green Montgomery’s website describes the events as the following, “Join us for this Choose Your Own Adventure style journey where we IMAGINE THE STORY of an energy source chosen by the participants – will they learn about the life cycle of coal? Or maybe they will choose to learn about hydropower? Every presentations depends on the interaction between participants and the leaders. Don’t miss out on this super fun and interactive opportunity.”


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