MCPS Boys and Girls Teams Ready for Playoffs

It’s playoff time for Montgomery County boys and girls basketball teams.

These are some of the first-round girls’ games this weekend in 4A West:

Region I:

2-seed B-CC hosts 7-seed Wheaton Friday night at 7:15 pm

3-seed Whitman hosts 6-seed Einstein Friday at 7:15 pm

4-seed Wootton hosts 5-seed Walter Johnson Friday at 7 pm

Region II:

2-seed Quince Orchard hosts 7-seed Northwest Saturday at 7:30 pm

4-seed Gaithersburg hosts 5-seed Gaithersburg Saturday at 7:15 pm



Some featured games in 4A West this weekend:

Region I:

2-seed Whitman hosts 7-seed Einstein Friday at 5:30 pm

3-seed Wootton hosts 6-seed Wheaton  Friday at 5:15 pm

4-seed Walter Johnson hosts B-CC  Friday at 3:30 pm

Region II:

2-seed Gaithersburg hosts 7-seed Urbana Friday at 5:30 pm

3-seed Clarksburg hosts 6-seed Thomas Johnson Thursday at 7 pm


For complete brackets, seeds, schedules, game times etc:

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