MCPS Will Provide Gun Education at High School Assemblies

Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS), in partnership with the County State’s Attorney’s Office and police, will offer high school students gun education lessons at assemblies this upcoming fall.

“Students will be provided with information on the law and consequences if broken, strategies for youth to solve problems without weapons or violence, and the importance of vigilance and a ‘see something, say something’ approach,” a joint letter from MCPS Superintendent Dr. Monifa McKnight and County State’s Attorney John McCarthy said. 

The letter cited concerns about “the impact of guns on our communities, youth, and schools” and the significant danger it poses nationwide. 

According to local authorities, illegal gun seizures are up nearly 75% since 2020. As of Aug. 14, county police seized 790 illegal guns—including 139 ghost guns. 

The assemblies will also inform students on how to spot signs that someone may choose violence to harm themselves or others, and the importance of a violence-free community. 

High schools will share specific information on the assemblies with parents and guardians. However, families can choose to opt their child out from these gun education lessons by contacting their school administrator. 

“Together, we can work for a safer, vibrant, thriving community,” the letter said.

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