Montgomery County Celebrates Car Free Day with Prizes, Gift Cards

On Wednesday, September 22, Montgomery County residents and those who work in the Washington D.C. area have a chance to win prizes ranging from free t-shirts and gift cards to a monthly SmarTrip card and Samsung Galaxy Tablet for commuting to work car-free.

Worldwise Car Free day focuses on decreasing traffic congestion and carbon emissions for those who commute to work solo, and encourages commuters to car/vanpool, ride public transportation, walk, or bike to work instead.

In order to be entered in prize raffles, participants have to fill out a form, pledging they will not drive alone on September 22. The raffle, run by Commuter Connections, is open to all commuters and those who work from home in the Washington Metropolitan area.

Montgomery County is also hosting exclusive events in celebration of Car Free Day for county residents and workers. The MCDOT Commuter Services Bicycle Swag Bag Contest has been running since Sunday, August 22, and will continue through Sunday, September 26.

Montgomery County bike riders can submit a photo of themselves along any bike path or trail in the county to be entered into a weekly drawing of a “Better Ways to Work” Swag Bag.

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