Narcan Administered Twice in Schools Since Beginning of Academic Year 

Narcan — the medicine that counteracts an opioid overdose — has been administered twice in Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) as of three months into the academic year, according to the school system’s medical officer.

The medicine was administered 18 times during the last school year, with no deaths, MCPS Medical Officer Dr. Patricia Kapunan said during a joint council committee meeting Wednesday. Councilmembers received an update Wednesday on youth safety and crime as well as substance use and overdose trends.

Kapunan noted it cannot be confirmed if every suspected event was actually an opioid overdose.

County Health Officer Dr. Kisha Davis said there has been a “gradual” and “slight” increase in opioid overdoses for adults, but a “dramatic” increase among youth ages 10-21 in the fiscal year 2023. Based on data shared about emergency calls for opioid overdoses, there were 10 total overdoses last month.

The school year started at the end of August. 450 Narcan doses were given to schools this academic year through the MCPS Overdose Response Program, Kapunan said. 286 doses were distributed to community members at training events.

Davis said the county is exploring expanding the COVID-19 wastewater program to include opioids and Narcan, “to give us a better sense across the county of where Narcan and opiates — especially fentanyl — are being used.”

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