Nationals Tattoos Make Historic World Series Victory Permanent

Two weeks after an iconic World Series Championship victory, some Nats fans are celebrating by getting Washington Nationals tattoos.

Once the Nats officially finished the fight, tattoo artist Tarun Kumar “TK” Rajkumar announced on his Instagram that he was offering clients discounted ink at Capitol Tattoos in Silver Spring.

Luis Majano of Hyattsville is one of the people to take up Rajkumar’s offer. Majona, who’s been a Nats fan since the beginning, had Rajkumar give him a tattoo on the back of his calf of the Nats’ curly W, with the World Series Trophy. Under the W reads “2019 World Series Champions.”

Rajkumar was born in India and studied in Thailand to become a tattoo artist. He moved to Bethesda six years ago and wasn’t familiar with the game of baseball. However, after watching people in the Washington, D.C., area come together to cheer on the Nationals, Rajkumar was reminded of the excitement he felt when he would watch cricket in India.

In India, Rajkumar said he would give out tattoos to fans to celebrate their favorite cricket team winning a tournament, which inspired him to do the same for Nationals fans.

“I love putting a mark on someone’s body, it’s something like a passion I cannot even describe,” Rajkumar said.

After giving out several tattoos to clients, Rajkumar said he’s learned more about baseball and he definitely considers himself a Nats fan.

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Deirdre Byrne

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2 Responses to “Nationals Tattoos Make Historic World Series Victory Permanent”

  1. Avatar
    On November 14, 2019 at 7:36 pm responded with... #

    Hi, Deirdre. Great article! I hadn’t heard about Rajkumar doing discounted tattoos for Nats fans…Last Friday I went to Bethesda Tattoo on Woodmont Ave., Bethesda, and got some Curly W ink! Jason was my artist, and he did a fantastic job.

    I have a red Curly W inside a red circle and a dark circle…above the Curly W is “2019,” and under it is “19-31.” It not only reminds me of my Nats, but of importance of team effort and bonding, and hope and confidence about coming back from long odds! Love it! Wish I could attach a picture here. Thanks again. Jinny Wallerstedt,

    • Deirdre Byrne
      On November 22, 2019 at 6:58 pm responded with... #

      Very nice – feel free to email a picture – we’d love to share a picture of it to our social media platforms with your permission!

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