New Parking Rates in Silver Spring to Take Effect Nov. 2

New parking rates will go into effect in Downtown Silver Spring starting Nov. 2. These rates will be implemented at Montgomery county-operated garages, parking lots and street meters in the area.

The new parking rates will be gradually implemented over the course of the month of November. The new parking rates will be:

  • On-street parking: $2 per hour
  • Surface lot parking: $1.25 per hour
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Wayne and Town Square Garages 58, 60 and 61: $1.25 per hour
  • All other garages: $1 per hour


  • $195.00 monthly access at Garages 60 and 61
  • $132 per month at long-term meter with a Parking Convenience Sticker monthly permit
  • $12 per day with a daily parking permit

All other rates, including carpool passes, will remain unchanged. The days and hours requiring payment remain unchanged.

For ongoing updates, follow @MCDOTNow and @MCDOT_Parking on Twitter. For more information on parking options in Silver Spring and Montgomery County, go to the Division of Parking Management’s website.

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