Onboard Cameras Will Catch Motorists Who Pass Stopped School Buses

Montgomery County police have released arresting video of cars ignoring the extended stop signs of county school buses.

The video shows children trying to cross busy streets, where motorists should have stopped. One showed a Jeep crashing into a car stopped for a bus. Another video shows a Ride On bus ignoring a school bus stop sign.

This year, all Montgomery County school buses will be outfitted with cameras that will capture images of drivers who neglect to stop for school buses. Failing to stop for a school bus can lead to civil citations starting at $250 with penalties going up to $500.

Drivers are required to stop in both directions for any school bus with its lights on and STOP sign extended which is in the process of picking up or dropping off children.  Unless there is a physical median divider, you are required to stop for the buses even if you are in the opposite lanes of traffic.

Last year, more than 54,000 school bus safety citations were issued to drivers who failed to stop for school buses.

Please be advised, some of these videos can be difficult to watch.


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