Parking in Rockville: Good News, Bad News

The City of Rockville recently increased parking fines significantly for three violations —  illegally parking near fire hydrants, in fire lanes, and in designated handicap parking spaces. The Mayor and Council approved the increases at their meeting on Monday, June 21. The new fines are effective immediately.

Specifically, the following three violations are now subject to fines of $250:

  • Parking within 15 feet of a fire hydrant.
  • Parking within lane markings or between signs designating a fire lane.
  • Parking in designated handicap parking spaces without a proper permit.

The fines for these violations had not been adjusted in 18 years and were significantly behind those of neighboring jurisdictions.  The fine for parking within 15 feet of a fire hydrant had been $40 since 2003. Fines for parking in fire lanes or handicap spaces had been $100 since that time.

City staff did not recommend changing the $40 fine for expired parking meter violations at this time. Fines for expired meters make up most of the parking enforcement citations issued by the city.

And the Good Rockville Parking News

Parking at Rockville Town Square is now free for the first two hours without validation at the three garages. Previously patrons were able to receive two hours of free parking if their parking ticket was validated by one of the Town Square restaurants or stores.

According to an Instagram post from La Canela restaurant and a Tweet from the City of Rockville, patrons no longer need to have their parking ticket validated to receive the first two hours of free parking.

Three garages serve Rockville Town Square. The two entrances to Garage A are located off of Maryland Avenue and 355. The entrance to Garage B is located off of Maryland Avenue by Halfsmoke. The two entrances to Garage C are located off of E. Middle Lane and North Washington Street.

The parking rates at Rockville Town Square are:

0-2 hours: Free
2-3 hours: $1
3-4 hours: $3
4-5 hours: $5


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