Rep. Trone ‘Very Confident’ of Victory in November

In unofficial election results U.S. Rep. David Trone handily defeated Ben Smilowitz in July 19’s primary election, amassing 79.2% of the Democratic vote to Smilowitz’s 15.7%.

Trone faces Republican Neil Parrott in the general election in November. Parrott received 63.2% of the vote to Matthew Foldi’s 14.8%, according to the Maryland Board of Elections.

District 6 was redistricted and now tends to favor the Republicans. In unofficial results with many mail-in votes still to be counted, the Democratic candidates together received about 43,300 votes to the Republicans 47,000 votes.

However, Trone said he was “very confident” and planned to run on his record, which he said stressed mental health, medical research and addiction issues.

“I think we’ve got a really, really good record to run on,” he told MyMCM.

He said he had “no preference” as to whether he faced Parrott or Foldi in November. “They are both extremists,” he said, adding that he believed the district was more middle of the road.

“We’ve had enough of extremism,” he said.


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