Roadways in Aspen Hill, Silver Spring Will Transform as Part of Covid-19 Response

Montgomery County plans to transform two streets in Aspen Hill and Silver Spring into neighborhood greenways more friendly to pedestrians and bicyclists.

The plan is the first phase of the new “Shared Streets” initiative in light of increased foot traffic in the wake of the coronavirus. As part of the pilot program, Holdridge Road from Olympic Street to Urbana Drive in Aspen Hill will begin its transformation on Monday, June 15. The biker friendly roadway in Silver Spring will be transformed at an undisclosed date in the near future.

The goal of the transformation is to prioritize the safety of pedestrians and bicyclists while discouraging vehicular traffic, according to a press release from the Montgomery County Department of Transportation. The neighborhood greenways will still allow access for emergency vehicles to pass through the street.

“While we continue toward our longer term and more permanent safety improvements, residents have been calling for temporary changes now to support changed transportation patterns and space for physical distancing,” said Department of Transportation Director Chris Conklin.

Montgomery County hopes that the new roadways will help support outdoor dining and curbside pickup zones for businesses impacted by COVID-19. If the pilot programs in Aspen Hill and Silver Spring are successful, the department of transportation hopes to add more locations to the “Shared Streets” initiative across the county.

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