Rockville City Council Replaces Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Rockville’s Mayor and City Council recognized Oct. 12 as Indigenous Peoples’ Day, at their city council meeting, Oct. 5.

The unanimous decision puts forth every second Monday of October as Indigenous Peoples’ Day in Rockville. The city council reimagines Columbus Day, moving forward, as an opportunity to celebrate the heritage and resilience of indigenous peoples.

According to the proclamation, the District of Columbia’s City Council voted to temporarily replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day in Washington D.C. as well, on Oct. 10 2019.

Earlier this year on July 28., the Montgomery County Council unanimously voted to approve a resolution recognizing Indigenous Peoples’ Day at the county level. 

According to the county’s resolution, Christopher Columbus committed numerous crimes against the Native peoples in America. “Recognizing Indigenous Peoples’ Day would help move away from the legacy of racism and bigotry against Native peoples,” the resolution reads.

Montgomery County’s resolution notes that over 70 jurisdictions and seven states such as Takoma Park, Prince George’s County and Alexandria, Va., are recognizing Indigenous Peoples’ Day this year on Oct. 12.

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