Rockville Family ‘Super Frustrated’ After Taylor Swift Tickets Disappear

A Rockville family says their Taylor Swift concerts tickets were cancelled after purchasing them on StubHub.

Amy Sloane says she and her wife purchased tickets for their family from StubHub in February. The tickets were supposed to be part of their Mother’s Day celebration on Saturday at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia. Sloane says on Thursday they received an email that the original tickets they purchased were no longer available. StubHub then reportedly told them there were other comparable seats and would send them tickets by Friday afternoon. Sloane says this back and forth of promising new tickets, but not delivering them continued until they were offered seats behind the stage with an obstructed view.

“We were super frustrated and super disappointed,” said Sloane. “And just I’m not sure what the right word is. But I mean just to continue to be transferred around and transferred to different call centers and different people within StubHub and just feeling like we were getting the runaround.”

Eventually the family was refunded the money for their tickets. Sloane says other tickets were still available, but they cost more than $4,000. That was a price they weren’t willing to pay after paying much less for their original tickets. Since Swift doesn’t have any upcoming shows in Baltimore or the DMV, Sloane says she doesn’t know when or if they’ll ever have a chance to see her again.

“I’m not surprised based on our experience that other people were having the same problem because I just don’t think StubHub was prepared to handle the kind of demand that there was for this concert.”

Sloane says she thinks the company should require the seller to transfer the tickets at the point of the sale, and then they should be transferred to the person who bought them.

MyMCM contacted StubHub, but did not receive a response. On their website, the resale company claims, “Every order is 100% guaranteed.”

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