Singer Colie Aziza Talks About the Transition to Becoming a Children’s Book Author

In this third episode of ArtsEnPower, youth host Karina G interviews children’s book author and singer/songwriter Colie Aziza. ArtsEnPower is a youth-produced program series that focuses on the ways that creative people use their artistry to enhance their community.

ArtsEnPower is a project through the MCM Youth Media Academy. The MCM Youth Media Academy is an out-of-school time program that offers media instruction and leadership training to youth aged 13-17 years-old. Taught by Montgomery Community Media professionals, using an Advancing Youth Development (AYD) framework, MCM Youth Media Academy is designed to engage youth in quality media instruction tailored to their age group. This production was recorded and produced virtually as MCM studios are closed to the public due to COVID-19. To learn more about MCM classes and programs, visit…

Cast/Crew of ArtsEnPower:

Host/Co-Producer: Karina G

Writers/Co-Producers: Lauren H. and Khari D.

Music provided by Manhattan Production Music.

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