‘Some People’s Heroes are Other People’s Villains’: Death of ‘Kane’ Brings Backs Good, Bad and ‘Complicated’ Memories

Peter ‘Kane’ Deibler

When news of Peter Deibler’s death became public Monday morning, it brought up positive and negative memories for fans and former coworkers. The popular Top 40 radio host and Montgomery County resident — who went by “Kane” on-air — spent much of his career at Hot 99.5 (WIHT), which is based in Rockville.

Some of Deibler’s former “The Kane Show” coworkers and listeners shared their candid feelings about his passing on air Tuesday morning. The station re-aired that broadcast later in the evening and posted the show online. “Intern John,” who worked with Kane for many years, became emotional at the start of the broadcast and spoke highly of Deibler’s relationship with his two kids. Another Kane Show personality, Riley Couture, said Kane was not someone who wanted people to fuss over him. “He was just a guy … when you were around him, in person and in his presence …,” she said.

Doug Kammerer, chief meteorologist for NBC Washington, called Kane a friend. “He was a pilot and loved to talk about the weather. I will miss our talks and I will miss my friend,” he tweeted. That sentiment was echoed by long-time DC broadcaster Tony Perkins. “I am very sad to hear this news. My condolences to Kane’s family and friends,” Perkins tweeted.

Natasha Elisa, Kane’s ex-wife, posted on Instagram. “While it’s no secret that we had a lot of hard times you have to understand that Peter has been a part of my life for the past 21 years. We shared a life together for a long time and I miss him terribly. He loved our girls tremendously, and they loved and needed him right back.” The two had a very public and contentious divorce, in which court records show Elisa sought an order of protection after she alleged Deibler threw her against the wall and caused injury in front of their children.

David Bulitt of Joseph Greenwald & Laake, P.A. represents Kane and spoke to MyMCM about the divorce, noting that he was not representing Kane at the time. Bulitt said the order of protection Elisa filed in 2016, as well as subsequent charges, were dismissed.


“Peter’s life frankly was his kids,” Bulitt said of Kane. Up until his recent hospitalization, Kane had primary custody of his two children, according to Bulitt. “You can read into that what you want,” he said.

“Their fight is now over,” Bulitt said, adding he wants to work with Elisa and Kane’s father to provide help to the children. “I view it as my responsibility to still protect [Kane] and his legacy.”

For Some Women Who Recall Toxic Work Environment, Kane’s Death is ‘Triggering’

Two of the syndicated show’s former female voices spoke out on Tuesday about their rocky relationships with the late deejay. Danni Starr reacted to his death on Instagram. “My thoughts are complicated. My heart breaks for Sam and Sophie. They have joined the fatherless daughter club and it’s awful,” she said, but addressed what she indicated was an abusive environment for women. “I feel anger. Death doesn’t absolve people from the awful things they did while they were alive. Some people’s heroes are other people’s villains. … It is infuriating to read memorials from people who knew the Kane that I knew and who even experienced similar things as me. Why people choose to romanticize who people were after they die, I don’t know, but it is very much triggering to victims.”

“I don’t know anything about an abusive work environment,” Bulitt said, adding that any questions about Kane’s work environment should be directed at iHeartMedia.


According to Bulitt, Kane worked under contract at iHeartMedia until the time of his death. Despite the Kane Show ending in April, Bulitt said he was not terminated from iHeartMedia.

Prior to Starr, Deibler worked with local media personality Sarah Fraser. On her podcast, Fraser said she was also sad for Deibler’s girls, but referenced her good and bad experiences on the show. “It was very toxic working there towards the end. And it led me to therapy. I got into therapy,” she said. “I learned a lot about show business. I learned a lot about chemistry. I learned a lot about work ethic. Kane was a very talented radio personality in that regard. And I take those lessons with me.”

Bulitt reiterated that he could not speak about the work environment at iHeartMedia, but he told MyMCM that he agreed with Fraser that Kane was a “talented, articulate guy who loved his works.”

iHeartMedia has not returned MyMCM’s request for comment at the time this story was published.

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‘Some People’s Heroes are Other People’s Villains’: Death of ‘Kane’ Brings Backs Good, Bad and ‘Complicated’ Memories

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