‘Songwriter Circle’ in Takoma Park is Latest in Roadside Attractions Concert Series

Musicians perform as part of the Roadside Attractions concert series. Photo via the Roadside Attractions’ event page on Bill Crandall’s website.

The streets of Takoma Park are sure to get livelier Saturday as three local musicians take to the driveway for the latest in a series of curbside concerts.

Joey Jenkins, Annette Wasilik and Bill Crandall will each perform an array of original songs between 4 and 5 p.m. at the corner of Carroll and Central avenues. The event, entitled the “Songwriter Circle,” is one of many concerts being put on as part of Roadside Attractions, a music series co-sponsored by the Viaduct arts salon and Takoma Park Arts.

Started during the pandemic, the series was created “as a cultural antidote, a micro-local model to support musicians and make live music part of community resilience during these difficult times,” according to the event’s website. The concerts take place in the same driveway at the same time each Saturday, with rain-out dates scheduled for the following Sunday at 4 p.m.

The unique choice of venue allows individual audience members to stop by for a few minutes before continuing on their way. Those who wish to stay for the whole show may so long as they wear masks and follow social distancing protocol. The concerts are also being livestreamed from the Viaduct Facebook group here.

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