Strathmore Introduces 3 New Mansion Exhibits for the Holidays

Images Courtesy of Strathmore

The historic Mansion at Strathmore opened three new exhibitions for the holiday season, including the annual miniature painting exhibit that the venue has presented for over 20 years.

“The annual Miniatures exhibition is a Strathmore tradition, and we once again look forward to sharing some of our area’s most compelling works of art,” said Lesley Morris, Director of Exhibitions at Strathmore in a statement. “Our other two artists on view will take our visitors on a tour around the world with a few familiar pieces that prompt us to slow down and enjoy our everyday lives.”

According to Morris, the exhibit “Fine Art in Miniature” has been displayed annually at the Mansion at Strathmore since 1997. The painting come from across the US, United Kingdom, Eastern Europe, and Africa and rang in size from no bigger than a playing card to as small as a postage stamp.

“This year’s exhibition is consistent with past years’ exhibiting landscapes, portraits, animals, abstracts, and florals, Morris told MyMCM. “The creativity of artists to capture details increases each year and just when you think you have seen the smallest pencil mark, or the tiniest brushstroke, you find artists can [create] even smaller than the previous year.”

The other two exhibits, featuring work by Begoña Morton and Elizabeth Graeber, were selected to showcase “human capabilities in the arts,” according to Morris.

Morton’s exhibition at Strathmore took almost two years to prepare for, Morris said. The exhibit will showcase hyper-realistic art inspired by both Morton’s traditional art training and modern cubist approaches like the work of Pablo Picasso and Paul Cezanne.

“Viewing traditional oil painting[s] that succeeds in tricking the eye into thinking you are seeing either something done precisely like work centuries ago, or a photograph, one is stunned then the next work reimagines two completely different styles, visitors are amazed the two are created by the same artist,” Morris said.

Additionally, “Sketchbook” by Elizabeth Graeber will feature her work which documents familiar shops, books, and encounters, according to the mansion’s website. Graeber has also done work for recognizable brands such as Warby Parker and Whole Foods.

The exhibits are open to the public free of admission Wednesday through Saturday from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. until Jan. 8. Visitors are required to wear a mask while inside the exhibits. All guests, regardless of age, are also required to show proof of full vaccination, or a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours, according to Strathmore’s website.

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