Students Open Dialogue on Making Civic Education More Relatable, Equitable Nationwide

A new social media survey led by local teens aims to make civic education more relatable and equitable for youth nationwide.

The #CivicsForUS social media campaign is spearheaded by the Youth As Civic Experts Network. It is designed to start a conversation among young people about how civic education experiences can be more relevant to students. Campaign organizers say about 88% of the young people who responded to the survey so far expressed that events like COVID- 19, racial justice protests, and the 2020 Election helped them understand how the government works. These events also inspired them to want to get involved or make a difference.

MyMCM spoke with Blair High School junior Dhruv Pai, one of the 35 students leading the nationwide effort.

From March to June, the Youth As Civic Expert Network will use the hashtag #CivicsForUS to engage other young people in a conversation and allow them to share their experiences in their local communities. The listening tour asks students from fifth grade through college to share first-hand why they feel civic education is so important right now and how it can be more equitable and relevant to them and their peers. So far, organization officials say the effort has collected nearly 5,000 responses from youth in 43 states, Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico.

The campaign listening tour and social media campaign will end on June 30th. You can learn more or join the effort by visiting the #CivicsForUS website.

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