Super Bowl Mom Chooses Maryland-Based Company to Make Special Jacket

Donna Kelce is the first mom ever to have two sons playing against each other in the Super Bowl. Jason, 35, plays center for the Philadelphia Eagles and Travis, 33, plays tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs. The brothers will play against each other in Super Bowl LVII in Glendale, Az on Sunday.

Donna wanted to have a jacket made representing both sons and their respective teams. Enter Passion for Ezra, a Veteran and female-owned small business created by Monica and Taylor Blakely who grew up in Gaithersburg. They operate out of Columbia and Olney/Rockville.

The Super mom shared her vision with the Blakelys and they delivered. And now, the jacket will be seen by millions of people watching the Super Bowl Sunday in the U.S. and internationally.

“This is a whole ‘nother ballgame of attention,” Blakely told myMCM. “To have it be on level where it’s a national spotlight is huge.”

“The Eagles on one sleeve and the Chiefs on the other. And then on the back…the names and then the two logos for the Chiefs and the Eagles. So this is really fun, this jean jacket. I really love it,” Donna Kelce told

Blakely talked to myMCM about all the national shows that have featured her handiwork.

(Photo courtesy Donna Kelce)

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