UMD Offers All Undergraduate Classes as Pass/Fail

All undergraduate classes at the University of Maryland, College Park (UMD) will be pass/fail (P/F) for the spring 2020 semester unless the student chooses to receive a letter grade, Senior Vice President and Provost Mary Ann Rankin said in a letter Thursday.  

The decision comes after the COVID-19 outbreak led the university to cancel in-person classes. Students can still choose to get a letter grade and will have until the last day of the spring semester to make that choice. Rankin said UMD is making a new website to designate that choice. 

Choosing P/F for classes this semester will not jeopardize financial aid eligibility. However, students should talk to their academic advisors about effects on graduate school admission, scholarships and other opportunities. 

A pass does not change grade point average (GPA), but a fail does. Rankin said there will be a note on student transcripts about “unusual circumstances” this spring semester. 

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