WATCH: “3 Weeks of Hell”: The 2002 D.C. Sniper Attacks, 20 Years Later

MyMCM’s presentation of “3 Weeks of Hell” focuses on the D.C. sniper attacks that terrorized the region in the fall of 2002. The first shootings took place in Montgomery County on Oct. 2. By the time John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo were apprehended three weeks later, ten were dead and three seriously injured.

The special, hosted by Chris Gordon, includes discussions with police investigators, prosecutors and family members of victims about the terrifying times that gripped the entire Washington, D.C. region.

MyMCM debuts “3 Weeks of Hell” Friday at 7 p.m. on Comcast cable channels 21 and 995, MyMCM’s Facebook page and YouTube channel and below.

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