Wes Moore Excited About ‘Economic Activity We Are Seeing Here’ During Bethesda Tour

Wes Moore and Aruna Miller, the democratic candidates for Maryland governor and lieutenant governor, toured Bethesda Thursday, stopping to chat with store owners, customers and people on the street.

They were led by members of the Greater Bethesda Chamber of Commerce, who talked to them about the importance of supporting business and making areas around the Purple Line affordable.

Also accompanying the candidates were several state legislators, including District 16’s Sen. Susan Lee and Delegates Ariana Kelly, Marc Korman and Sara Love.┬áDelegate Jared Solomon from District 18 and Sen. Will Smith from District 20 also attended.

Moore stopped at several businesses, including Urban Country and Bethesda Bagels, where he ordered an everything bagel with cream cheese, and asked specific questions to the workers about how business was doing, how long they had been at the location and even how many bagels they sell daily or if the furniture store sells more online or in store.

As they walked along the area, numerous shoppers stopped to shake Moore’s hand or ask if they could take a selfie together, which he seemed pleased to do.

Although he reminded people to vote, most of those who replied said they already had.

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