2020’s ‘Unwintry’ Winter Offers Great Contrast to 2010’s Snowmageddon

It’s another rainy day in the DMV. In what has become a regular occurrence this winter, temperatures are higher than normal with lots of rain and almost no snow. If winter is coming, it better hurry. The first official day of spring is March 19 — five weeks away.

According to longtime FOX5 weathercaster Sue Palka, we have had over 5″ of rain since Jan. 1. Palka says an inch of rain is roughly equivalent to 10 inches of snow, so if the rain had been snow, we would theoretically have had more than four feet of snow so far this year. Instead, we have only had about half an inch.

NBC4 meteorologist Chuck Bell laments the lack of snow, even resorting to reverse psychology on social media to coax some flakes to fall.

In regards to the question “why” temperatures have been higher than normal, the National Weather Service offers an explanation.

Places around the country — and the world — that are not known for snow have had more of the white stuff than the DMV.

You’d have to go way back in time to find a less “wintry” winter than this one in the DMV.

It has been a very disappointing 2020 winter for snow lovers but 10 years ago, the northeastern United States — including the DMV — was pounded by the so-called Snowmageddon, a crippling blizzard that dumped almost two feet of snow on Washington D.C. and almost three feet on Baltimore from February 5-6.

Here are some throwback photos of people in a neighborhood in Olney digging themselves out from 2010’s Snowmageddon.


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