Andrés Continues Humanitarian Efforts on the Ground in Ukraine

Since the second day of the Russian invasion on Ukraine, humanitarian and Chef José Andrés has been on the ground feeding the people of Ukraine through his nonprofit organization World Central Kitchen (WCK). The organization and its partners have served 3.5 million meals, distributed 2,000 tons of food across Ukraine, and are currently delivering 250,000 meals daily, according to Andrés. 

WCK began serving hot and nourishing meals at a 24-hour pedestrian border crossing in southern Poland. The organization has since expanded to eight border crossings across Ukraine. WCK has also joined forces with local restaurants to prepare meals in the following Ukrainian cities: Odessa, Lviv, and Kyiv, according to WCK. 

Market Plaza in Kyiv is one of WCK’s biggest partners in feeding the people of Ukraine during times of uncertainty. 

“They cook over 10k meals per day in their 6 restaurants, working together as a one big factory. They started from the second day of war and continue to be food fighters,” Andrés wrote in a tweet. 

At the Kyiv train station, WCK serves over seven thousand meals daily. Many families seek shelter during the night at the station that now serves as a bunker to avoid bombs, Andrés said. 

The organization also provides meals for Ukranians who have fled the country in neighboring Romanina, Moldova, Poland, and Hungary. 

Every night the WCK team in Poland prepares and distributes cups of hot cocoa and soup to arriving families. 

“Hot chocolate on a night when it’s going to be 8 below, is just a small touch of what we can give to make sure they know that they’re seen and welcome,” a WCK volunteer in Poland said. 

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